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Temperate Chamber


Temperate Chamber MHWX-200

Temperate Chamber is mainly used for the temperature test of coin batteries and 3C pouch cell batteries. It has the characteristics of space utilization maximization (160 coin batteries can be placed in), integrated operation in BTS upper computer control, etc. Mainly for research institutions, universities and battery production enterprise experimental center.
  • Temperature Range


  • Ambient Air Temperature


  • Temperature Deviation


    (No load and stable temperature)

  • Temperature Fluctuation


    (No load and stable temperature)

  • Heating Efficiency



  • Cooling Efficiency



Maximum space utilization, 160 coin batteries can be placed in.

Each layer of tray has 40 channels, 200 L can be placed in 4 layers, and it can place a total of 160 coin batteries to test. (battery I ≤ 100mA)

Integrated operation in BTS upper computer control.

NEWARE battery charge and discharge test system realizes integrated operation and collaborative work through BTS upper computer control system, so as to maximize the battery characteristics and functions.

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